Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Amazing Magnetic Art Sculpture

This art piece is by SACHIKO KODAMA and currently on display at the Samuel Freeman Gallery at the Bergamot Station, in Santa Monica, CA. THIS VIDEO IS NOT TIME LAPSE. IT IS ALL FILMED AND PLAYED BACK IN REAL TIME.

In 2000, Sachiko began work on a ferrofluid art project that she named "Protrude Flow". Ferrofluid is a very interesting material originally developed by NASA it has now found itself been used for a whole range of devices including dampers for controlling and stabilizing large building that move around in the wind. Whats also amazing is that they have such lovely visual qualities when magnetized. The term liquid architecture is used a lot in interactive architecture based on the ideas of how architecture becomes animated by adding the 4th Dimension of Time. Sachiko has taken this idea of liquid architecture more literally with these stunning sculptures made from ferrofluid which changes its state by the introduction of electromagnetic waves into the fluid turning it solid. As you stand around and watch this piece, you get literally mesmerized as the ferrofluid (guided by magnets) follows its track and changes its forms.

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